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Second Generation Engines

Asteroid Deflection

Hybrid Launch Vehicle

Terrestrial Transport Applications

The ultimate spin-off from space technology will occur when second generation lift engines are employed in terrestrial transport applications. Typically 3 tonnes of lift could be obtained from 1kW of microwave power. Liquid hydrogen would be used for cooling the lift engine and for powering the auxiliary engines. Thus the essential low cost, non polluting components for large scale utilisation are readily achievable. A future low energy transport infrastructure, no longer dependent on wings and wheels would now seem possible.

A comprehensive design study has shown that an early Demonstrator Vehicle could be flying within 3 years of the start of a 2nd generation EmDrive development programme. The Demonstrator vehicle comprises basically of a 700litre liquid hydrogen tank, supported by 4 C-Band EmDrive lift engines with 2 microturbine jet engines for auxiliary propulsion.

Further details are given in: CEAS 2009 paper